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The EQ4 site offers a large start of the art, large format HD digital screen in one of the most sought after locations in the region

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  • Ideally situated at the juncture of Manchester/Salford & Trafford boundary
  • Key arterial location for commuters heading towards Mediacity, M602 and Manchester City Centre
  • Visible to over 50,000 passenger journeys per day (weekday)
  • Match-day foot traffic of 20,000 to Exchange Quay and Salford Quays Metrolink stops
  • Visitor economy growing with 7% increase in 2017 from previous year thanks to Lowry Theatre, Imperial War Museum and Manchester United Tours
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  • 2 Key arterial routes
  • Chester Rd 28,000 cars per day (main arterial route from affluent South Manchester)
  • Trafford Rd- 27,000 cars per day (entrance to Salford Quays, route to M602 motorway)
  • Mediacity is a purpose built hub for digital & creative business boasting the BBC, ITV and Dock 10 among it’s residents
  • Over 45,000 people employed across Exchange Quays, Salford Quays and Mediacity
  • Heavy ABC1 presence – 25-44 profile
  • Wide range of visitor profile thanks to Lowry Theatre, Imperial War Museum and Manchester United Tours
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  • LED Screen Size: 9.6m x 5.76m
  • 1 in 6, 10 seconds in each 60
    second loop
  • High resolution state of the art screen
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of the UK population has seen some form of Out of Home advertising in the last week
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of consumers see an OOH advert within an hour of making an online purchase
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of drivers will be influenced by an OOH advert on their commute to/from a place of work
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Who see an OOH advert are more likely to interact with or research a brand on their phone
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Posted on

5th January 2018