Digital Out of Home advertising within Lancaster’s biggest and most exclusive premium health club. The screens are strategically placed to target responsive members in highly effective locations. Home to X-Force equipment. 3-1-5 Health Club in Lancaster is more than just a gym.

6000+ members who visit 3-5 times per week

Active, responsive members who spend an average of 90 minutes per session

47% Male, 53% Female

High AB1 demographic


An engaging visual solution

Impactful, unobtrusive and targeted viewing

Creative digital opportunities

Professional grade high resolution screen

LED Screen Size: 3m x 1m

15 second ad looping 20x per hour

55″ Digital Portrait Screens

Increase your exposure with the member in high footfall areas of the site

6 Wall mounted portrait screens for maximum impact

Ideally situated for dwell time

LED Screen Size: 52 inch”

10-second ad running 20x per hour on all 6 screens

Secure Your Screen Time

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