It might be the beginning of March, but the weather has been a hot topic.

In a week where ‘The beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Emma’ happen to have caused severe disruptions across the UK, hundreds of motorists have found themselves snowed in their cars due to dangerous conditions and torrential winds, with many roads being closed in the process.

Turn on the TV in the morning or on your lunchtime break and chances are, you’ll come across a well-wrapped up reporter stood in a rural town somewhere looking bitterly cold, advising people to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary.

As the weekend beckons, ‘Storm Emma’ continues to sweep its way across large parts of the UK, affecting traffic, public transport, and even advertising. Although traditional billboards remain prevalent as a popular form of advertising on busy roads, buildings, bus stops and bridges, many will be feeling the effects of the wintery conditions outside. Harsh winds can freeze the glue of outdoor posters, and even blow over a site that is poorly maintained. Whilst OOH advertising has many benefits, such issues are hard to overlook.

With digital out-of-home, however, these kind of issues are much less likely to occur, which is why Lucid Outdoor’s EQ4 site remains a significant solution. DOOH is about conveying a clear and effective message to mass-audiences, providing dynamic, targeted content that resonates with consumers. We recently collaborated with NHS Salford to promote the ‘Think! Why A&E?’ campaign’, with its relevant message presenting digital out of home at its most reactive.

The met office has issued yellow, amber and red warnings (link) in these sub-zero temperatures, so it’s important to note ‘Why A&E?’ needs to be considered. A&E is for serious and life-threatening emergencies, not for treatment for a sore-throat and blocked nose. A well-stocked home medical cabinet can provide a solution for this, not for a slip on the ice that has resulted in a serious head injury or a broken leg. In a week of difficult weather conditions and uncertainty, the NHS campaign conveys a clear and effective message to remind people to ‘think’, which is why we are proud to deliver this advertisement on our site.

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